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Notice of Violations Are On The Rise in 2020

Example: As of  October 2020 the HPPD has issued over 300 Notice of Violations (NOV) each month. Every Notice of Violation requires permitting work to be performed -- [Or you can elect to put the structure/property back to its last permitted condition;] of course the permitting work will be 'after the fact' but the department will review the 'construction' work as if it is being performed TODAY!! Please recall that the concept of something being 'grand-fathered' is largely going away; particularly for condos and town houses - no grand-father for these. 

Additionally, the HPPD only allows 30 calendar days to secure a permit; a totally unreasonable condition to satisfy. Thus, if the owner shows 'positive efforts' towards making a permit application to the HPPD with in this 30 day period they extend a form of courtesy to wait...but, the HPPD is NOT always long on patience - since many have use this as a stall tactic.  

More the 50% of my 2020 clients have some 'after the fact' work that has to be incorporated into new permit applications. Call me if you received a Notice of Violation to determine your proper course of action.

Click on Download to receive a PDF discussing "Notice of Violation". This is a special presentation to National Association of Residential Property Managers - Oahu Chapter  November 2019.   While the information was prepared specifically for this audience the information contained with in the PDF is applicable to nearly everyone.

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