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Permitting Specialist: 10+ yr HPPD experience

> No Existing Plans? OK

> After The Fact? OK

> Raw Land Build? OK

> Want Menu Pricing? OK

> 2-3 Wk Drwg Time?* OK

> 4-6 Wk Review Time?* OK

* times are typical based on my history: but cannot guarantee HPPD time


Permitting Single Family Homes Condo's, and Townhouses: Additions + ADUs 

  • Detailed Plans Showing Demolition Schedule, 
  • Remodel Plan w/ Details, Foundations etc
  • Reflective Ceiling Plan, w/ Electrical Changes Detailed, 
  • Water Usage Calcs as req'd,  
  • Window Natural Light & Ventilation Calculations as req'd
Are Typically Included w/Plan Sets


Commercial Services

Design, Permitting, and Project Verification for Work Performed: 

  • Fabrication Layout
  • Code Compliance Verification
  • Interfacing w/Eng'rs For 'On The Fly Changes' Problem Solving


About Me

Engineering (industrial) , Design and Contracting experience in 5 West Coast states lets me say 'been there' - 'done that'. How I can help;

  • Practiced in a variety of phases of construction & building codes
  • On AutoCad since 1985
  • Believe in 'First Time Right' 
  • and 'On Time Results'
  • Will honor our agreement!

What Contractors Are Saying

"Trager Design makes permitting easy and affordable"

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