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Score Card: 2020 YTD

In regards to the Mayor's new DPP rules to limit reviews and improve the quality and completeness of the permit application drawings such that those who present higher quality and complete information on the application drawings will be rewarded for faster permitting times.

Generally, HPPD permitting times in 2020 average about 5 -8 weeks [some certainly longer] this year as long as I prod them along at each step. The Covid virus has generated a slower speed of reviews as the HPPD reviewers work at home and at the office each week. The step known as 'routing' is slower as well...we have to personally take the plans from each group to the next group for reviews. Means...hand carry from building to Board of Water Supply and can only drop off...then after a couple days [or 5 days] pick up and drop off to Waste Water Mgmt at their counter drop box...similarly for StormWater Review, and Zoning...Then finally on to building - electrical - mechanical and any others that are required.

Note: Condos and Townhouses continue to have greater scrutiny from Electrical and Mechanical reviewers in 2020 compared to single family homes. Plus, any thing requiring HECO to increase power or add new services is getting longer delays for approval than in prior years.

Click the button below to take a look at the variety of permits performed. These are listed in date order going from most recent backwards.  Work in progress has not been listed only those that have been approved and issued permits.

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