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YouTube: Condo Insider   Dec 5, 2019 OC16 by ThinkTechHawaii

A general discussion of condo's and permitting; good info to know!

YouTube: Condo Insider March 5, 2020 OC16 by ThinkTechHawaii

Discussion of High Rise Condo Building's Fire Life Safety Evaluation As Defined In Ordinance 19-4 Now In Effect

New Fire Codes for High Rise Residential Buildings

New City & County Ordinance 19-4 Addresses Fire and Life Safety Issues For Honolulu In Effect Since May 3, 2018


Fire Life Safety Hawaii

Fire Life Safety Hawaii is a full service company High Rise Building Fire Life Safety Evaluation Services company.  Work includes Floor by Floor Inspections, Evaluation, Code Compliance Review, Corrective Bid Specifications & Drawings, Permitting, Contractor Oversight.  Fire Life Safety Hawaii is an associate company of Trager Design.

Condos and Townhouse Permitting Requirements

Condos and Townhouses are treated as Commercial Properties for purposes of permitting any work inside a unit. 

There are no dollar amounts that trigger the requirement for permitting. All Condos and Townhouse plans are to be prepared by an Architect and must show Architect review, signature, and stamp. The check list for condos and townhouses is more intense. Just doing any alteration, remodeling, plumbing, electrical, or other work within a condominium or townhouse requires the owner to secure an approved building permit BEFORE work is performed.

Single Family Home Permitting Requirments

Single Family Homes have a different check list. This check list has a dollar amount for the value of work that determines if an Architect is to prepare the plan set and must show Architect review, signature, stamp to be printed on each drawing sheet. Again, the owner is to secure an approved building permit BEFORE work is performed.  

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