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Accessory Dwelling Unit

Hawaii Appleseed Center For Law & Economic Justice has prepared Accessory Dwelling Unit Homeowners' Handbook which can be very helpful to anyone interested in building an ADU on their property.  


ADU Designed For Your lot

This is an ADU designed to be Detached from the existing single wall house. The design concept was to build an 800 sq ft ADU on a 7500 sq ft lot. The design called for the ADU to be ‘lifted’ and allow for the kitchen space in the original house to be partially under one side of the ADU structure – thus had to bridge 14 feet across the existing house in this area.

Not all properties can have this design…but, I am showing this one as it contains a number very useful features home owners would like. The ADU is elevated to allow for the existing kitchen [a 6 foot bump out style] to be under one side of the ADU in a garage/carport space.

Possibly you have a potential client interested in an ADU and this design idea may be useful. The plan set was approved in 4 months by the HPPD in 2019. Today would be more like 6-8 weeks.

This design may not work for all properties…I can design and permit an ADU that fits the property and maximize the square footage for the ADU. I like to make designs for single wall houses that will be detached to avoid adding any loads or lateral wind loads to the existing house since most single wall houses cannot meet the test without beefing up the existing house – which adds costs.

Visit my website and click on ADU to get related info for ADU’s.

The pricing shown reflects a structurally over built design with current expected costs/pricing from legitimate above-board contractors subject to finish selections [mid-level finishes are incorporated], elevated above a garage, new concrete drive way is not included, customer to supply appliances.

Call for design/plans/permitting pricing and other details if you would like to see how such an ADU might work for You!

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